Work/life balance for your calendars

Calm Calendar synchronises your events between calendars, while excluding private details. Let your colleagues know that you're busy without revealing why. The result: Fewer meeting conflicts, and better separation between work and life!

Keep your calendars private, and with fewer conflicts

CC your work calendar in on your personal plans, without revealing any more than necessary.

When you add to your personal calendar…

… your work calendar is synchronised:

31-Day Free Trial

Give it a shot for free for a full month, no credit card details required.

Only $3 per month

Unlimited use for a fixed, low cost - and you can pay annually if preferred.

Multi-Calendar Support

Connect to Google, Apple, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Fastmail and other CalDAV services.

Unlimited Workflows & Calendars

Manage the flow of events between calendars as exactly as you'd like.

Filter by Days/Hours

Only copy events within the days and times you want, to keep your out-of-hours plans truly private.

A Service with a Conscience

Data is kept secure and private. Targeting hosting on renewable energy, and directing profits to community support.

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