Privacy Policy

The Informal Version

Calm Calendar strives to only process what information it needs, and stores the absolute minimum to provide a working service.

The stored details include:

  • Your email address and encrypted password, so you can log in and manage your account.
  • Your billing details, so we can process payments via Stripe.
  • Any calendar authentication you've provided, either via OAuth credentials for Google and Microsoft services, or usernames and encrypted passwords for Apple, Fastmail, and other CalDAV services.
  • Calendar details from those accounts, so you can connect events between them.
  • Event identifiers (but not names, locations, attendees, etc) to track which events have been copied where.

When processing the copying of events from one calendar to another, Calm Calendar does have access to all of the information in that event (names, locations, attendees, etc) because the data provided does not allow for further nuance. However, Calm Calendar does not inspect or store those details.

The servers that process this data currently reside in the USA, via Render and Google's Cloud services. All data is encrypted at rest.

No data is sold to any third parties, and only shared for the purposes of operating the essential features of this service (e.g. with Stripe for taking payments).

Customer privacy and data security is taken extremely seriously. If you have any specific questions, please do get in touch:

The Formal Version

Privacy Policy