Recent Changes

There are regular bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements that take place. Those largely won't be covered here, unless they're of significant note.

October 2023

It's been a while. Bug fixes and changes have been happening, though largely not noted here. So, a re-cap of sorts:

  • 🌟 Changes to workflow filters are now always applied to existing events immediately (though processing can take a while).
  • 🐞 Improved handling when recurring events are changed.
  • 🐞 Improved handling of recurring events that happen monthly, at the end of the month.
  • 🐞 Improve handling of all-day 'out-of-office' events in Google.
  • 🐞 Ensure free/busy states are synchronised to copied events.
  • 🐞 Update synchronised events that are in the past.
  • 🌟 Allow synchronising of free and/or tentative events.
  • 🏃 Increase performance for synchronising standalone calendars via URLs.
  • 🐞 Fix synchronising of events that change from being all-day to day-and-time, and vice versa.
  • 🌟 Redesigned the workflow form.

June 2022

  • 🌟 Significant improvements to synchronising reliability, especially with recurring events.

May 2022

  • 🌟 Stop synchronising already-synchronised events from and Clockwise.
  • 🐞 Some Microsoft accounts can't tell us when calendars have changed - so let's ask every 10 minutes (to match Apple/Fastmail/CalDAV behaviour).
  • 🏃 Improve speed of initial CalDAV synchronisation.
  • 🐞 Improved the sign-up form to avoid spam bots subscribing random strangers.

April 2022

  • 🌟 Support stand-alone calendars (via URLs) as sources.
  • 🎉 Support for organisation subscriptions - one person from an organisation can have a subscription that their colleagues can opt-into, instead of paying for their own.
  • 🐞 Better distinguish between enabled/disabled workflows (as decided by customers) versus a workflow/customer being blocked (due to an expired trial and no active subscription).

March 2022

  • 🐞 Fixed transitions between daylight-saving and standard times for events copied from Microsoft calendars.
  • 🐞 Improved handling of Windows time-zones.
  • 🌟 Display synchronised event count and latest event synchronisation time for each workflow.
  • 🐞 Improved handling of Microsoft's eventual 'offline' access, while using the initial access for account setup.
  • 🌟 Make it clear that changing a customer's email address requires re-confirmation.

February 2022

  • 🌟 Google/Microsoft accounts can be connected in read-only mode for better security.
  • 🌟 Microsoft accounts can be connected without requesting access mailbox settings (for category details).
  • 🌟 Workflows can be customised to ignore all-day events.
  • 🌟 Google calendars with only free/busy access are now labelled as such.
  • 🐞 Don't copy Microsoft events with an unconfirmed attendance.
  • 🌟 Assign per-destination event settings: privacy and colour (for Google calendars) and privacy and category (for Microsoft calendars).
  • 🌟 Workflows that copy summary and location details (instead of redacting them) now also copy the extended event descriptions.
  • 🐞 Subscription management via Stripe now works in Firefox.
  • 🐞 Trial reminders are now sent out one week before the end of the trial, rather than one week after the trial starts.
  • 🌟 Choosing a time-zone now allows for typing to narrow down options so they're less overwhelming.
  • 🌟 Customers can now pay on an annual basis as an alternative to monthly.
  • 🐞 Read-only Google calendars are no longer listed as possible destinations for workflows.

January 2022

  • 🐞 Vastly improved verification to avoid duplicate copies.
  • 🐞 Vastly improved handling of Microsoft and Google edge-cases.
  • 🏃 Considerable performance and reliability improvements now that a lot of people are using the service since the public launch.
  • 🌟 Enable new workflows by default.
  • 🌟 Allow customers to create accounts (and sign in) directly via their Google and Microsoft accounts (also known as: single-sign-on/SSO).
  • 🌟 Simplify GDPR-related affirmations to be just per-workflow, rather than also per-account.
  • 🐞 Fix workflow/account list interfaces in mobile browsers.
  • 🐞 Don't display Apple's reminders lists as possible source/destination calendars.
  • 🎉 Announced Calm Calendar to the world! 🎉